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About Us

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Caribbean I School

Our school focuses on three key areas which are:

  • To Provide a world class education for full-time and part-time students who are interested in graduation from our accredited Excellence Academy program. While this may include the brick and mortar Academy option, our unique concept serves students who are traveling, home schooled, student athletes, and those who prefer online education as they fulfill a myriad of responsibilities, involvements, and extensive opportunities to do other things.
  • To provide schools across the globe with a similar vision and mission to extend their curricular offerings in a cost-effective manner by joining our Network. The Excellence Academy affords you access to affordable blended and online class offerings and teacher training for your staff.
  • To provide personalized educational opportunities for students abroad, by connecting with them to offer an International Diploma Option in partnership with their existing school programs.


We provide students with a wide range of courses, online activities, live collaboration sessions, labs, projects and much more in an online environment. In addition to completing their online assignments and activities, students are highly encouraged to collaborate with their teachers and peers through synchronous interactive sessions.

We expect our students to be community leaders, exemplifying the best that young people can be! All students are invited to participate in Servant Leadership service activities and to take on community based leadership roles.

The Parent Portal  through our partner Renweb,  provides parents with real-time information on their child’s progress. Parents, students and teachers can communicate effectively and efficiently to ensure student success.

Virtual Schools of Excellence is accredited by AdvancEd (SACS/CASI), (NAPHS & NALSAS), and is registered with the Florida Department of Education. In addition, Virtual Schools of Excellence is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating.


Our vision is simple, one articulated in three words: iTeach, iLearn, iAm.


The mission of Caribbean iSchool  is to be the premier international online education portal for Caribbean learners, by delivering quality educational experiences in an empowering environment.


Caribbean iSchool  believes that:

  • All students need to have an equal opportunity to learn.
  • A variety of learning activities must be included to accommodate differences in student learning.
  • Student learning is a priority in this school.
  • A supportive and challenging learning environment increases a student’s potential for responsible decision making.

Teachers, administrators, and parents share the responsibility to create a safe and healthy online environment, which promotes student learning.

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