Enrollment – Caribbean I School



“I love being able to take classes at school, online, at home and dual enroll at the college…this is school that fits my life!”

Courtney, Student


Customize your personal educational plan today to meet your unique needs as a student of The Excellence Academy…

  • Home School Students
  • Full-Time Virtual Students
  • Accelerated, Gifted and Talented Students
  • Hospital or Home-Bound Students
  • Students who Travel with Family or Work Abroad
  • Students who are preparing for Professional Athletics
  • Student Actors, Models, and Musicians

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 can enroll for a single class or semester or can enroll full time with us and earn a diploma. Our credits are accepted as transfer credits for students to other schools, and our students are accepted at universities and colleges because we are a fully accredited school. (See Accreditations & Memberships)